Mar 16, 2014

Open Borders Day

It is Open Borders Day and many memories come to mind. One, for example, is the memory of a group of Central American immigrants who were playing guitars, dancing, and singing CA folk songs in a suburb in Toronto. Some of them came from El Salvador and Guatemala and back home they belonged to different sides in the civil war. 

Another person I remember is a lady who left Guatemala so that her son, who had a disability, could have a better and more respectable life. She brought to Canada her nursing skills. 

I have been migrant myself several times in different countries, but I have been legal.  As a legal immigrant trying to start a life abroad is difficult, especially in a developed country. One needs document A to get document B, and document C to get document A, and document B to get document C. Being a legal immigrant has made me admire illegal immigrants even more. If being a legal migrant is so difficult I can´t even start to imagine what is it like to be an illegal immigrant.

I admire illegal immigrants who had the courage to leave home and face uncertainty, hardship, and danger to look for a better life. Many of them are close family and my heart today, specially, is with them.  

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