Apr 22, 2011

Will I continue blogging?

The short answer is YES. I have been blogging since March 12 [only one month and ten days ago]. I have posted entries daily, sometimes more than an entry per day.

These are some of the benefits of blogging [keep in mind that I am a university professor of economics, I am sorry for the disappointment]:
  • It help me keep myself updated with the current debates in economics: the economic recovery, the current appreciation of the Yuan, etc. This helps to give examples in the classroom . . . [it seems like knowing this updated news make me look smart].
  • I have discovered really cool blogs, like blogs of people who do a really good job. It seems like blogging is like a full time job for some, I am talking about Yglesias, for example.
  • A useful thing is to display my blog in the screen in front of the class to talk about the readings of the day [when I describe an academic article in the blog it is usually because it is a required reading for a class :) ]. Like this one.
  • It gives me more incentive to read [I read this book on India so that I could blog about it]
  • It forces me to write more in English . . . [but I have to admit that my academic writing is falling behind].
  • I pay more attention to what I read or listen to in the radio [should I include this in the blog? this happened to me today when listening to this cool story on "Soundscape Ecology" on the radio].
  • It helps me to keep up with the new books on my field [like this one on globalization], and other fields out there . . . and even to follow some of the current scandals relevant to my teaching and research [I was saddened to learn this, for example].
  • I have also encounter really fascinating organizations dealing with urgent social problems. Ushahidi or Global Voices, for example. I talk about these organizations in class, or think about them in theoretical terms. For instance, in these two specific case, they relate to concepts like social entrepreneurship.
Blogging has also its costs, like a conflict with one's wife every now and then [less and less as time passes though]. The more one blogs the less attention there is to other aspects of ones life.

It seems that the cost-benefit analysis is positive. So it seems like my blog will be around.

Finally, blogging makes one read other blogs and realize that blogs out there are as critical or may be more critical than the traditional media. There is also the realization that bloggers are the ones who first analyze and/or criticize the most recent events, news, and publications.

Addition: Blogging has also helped to understand Twitter better.

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