Francisco Marroquín University, Guatemala City, Guatemala
Research Methods, Spring 2013
Health Economics, Spring 2013
Microeconomics Principles Spring 2013
Seminar on Political Economy, Spring 2013
Academic Writing, Fall 2012
Institutional Economics, Fall 2012Advanced Seminar in Economics, Spring 2011
Institutional Economics, Spring 2011
Law and Economics, Spring 2010
Seminar on Environmental Economics Spring 2010
Academic Writing for UFM Faculty (with Julio Cole), Sumer and Fall 2009
Economic Development, Fall 2009
Social Entrepreneurship, Fall 2009
Law and Economics, Fall 2009
Advance Seminar in Economics, Spring 2009
Institutional Economics, Spring 2009
Analysis and Description of Markets, Summer 2008Economic History, Fall 2007
Economic Development, Fall 2007 
Advance Seminar in Social Change, Fall 2007 
Economic Ethnography, Summer 2007 
Economics and Culture, Spring 2007 
Economic History, Spring 2007 
Political Economy and Public Choice, Spring 2007

UNOGA, Haiti

Professional Development and Entrepreneurship Dec. 2012
Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice Summer 2012

Qingdao University, China Summer 2011


University of Wisconsin-Superior 2010

Comparative Economic Systems
Principles of Microeconomics
Principles of Macroeconomics
Economic Development

Francisco Marroquín University, Guatemala City, Guatemala,. MBA, Business School.
Economics Summer 2010

TIGO – Telecommunications Company in Guatemala

Multivariate Statistics and Advanced Econometrics Summer 2013
Multivariate Statistics and Advanced Econometrics Spring 2010

Ashesi University, Accra, Ghana

International Economics Spring 2008
Leadership Spring 2008
Economic Development Fall 2006
Macroeconomics Fall 2006 and
Fall 2008

EGADE, MBA Graduate School, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Edo. De Mexico

Econometrics for the Master of Finance Fall 2009

George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia

Microeconomic Principles Summer 2006
Macroeconomics Principles Summer 2005
African Economic Development Fall 2000

Check out also my microeconomics class at Marginal Revolution University, in Spanish.

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