May 7, 2011

Second paper of the day: The Grass is Indeed Greener in India and China for Returnee Entrepreneurs

The Grass is Indeed Greener in India and China for Returnee Entrepreneurs: America's New Immigrant Entrepreneurs – Part VI
Our previous research had documented that 52% of Silicon Valley's startups were founded by immigrants; that immigrants were contributing to 25% of WIPO PCT applications filed from the U.S.; the backlog of skilled immigrants waiting for permanent resident visas had increased to over 1 million people. We predicted a reverse brain drain, and followed this up with interviews with returnees and foreign students in the U.S.
This research goes one step further. This is based on a survey of returnee entrepreneurs to India and China. We wanted to learn learn how the entrepreneurship landscape in India and China compares to the U.S.; why these entrepreneurs returned; what their perceptions of the entrepreneurial climate in their home countries were; what the advantages and disadvantages of working in India and China were over working in the U.S; and what types of ties they maintained to the U.S.
In this paper, we present our findings. That returnees say that the grass is indeed greener in India and China for entrepreneurs.

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