Jun 8, 2011

Top institutions and authors in the field of development economics

From RePEC:

The top 10 institutions:

11.25World Bank Group, Washington
22Department of Economics, University of Chicago, Chicago
(3)2.49Economics Research, World Bank Group, Washington
34.47Economics Department, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge
45.43Department of Economics, Harvard University, Cambridge
57.25Economics Department, Yale University, New Haven
68.32Economics Department, Brown University, Providence
78.54Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Cambridge
89.41London School of Economics (LSE), London
910.2Department of Economics, Oxford University, Oxford
1012International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), Washington

The top 10 authors:

1.1.17Daron Acemoglu
2.2.72Robert J. Barro
3.4.35Robert E. Lucas Jr.
4.5.18Dani Rodrik
5.5.86Angus S. Deaton
6.7.73Paul Michael Romer
7.7.85Martin Ravallion
8.8.27Peter Nijkamp
9.8.43Charles I. Jones
10.9.46William Easterly

I could not agree more with the first author, Daron Acemoglu. By the way this states the importance of the study of institutions for economic development. Robert Barro's work has focused on economic growth but has also included into his analysis the role of institutions (religion, for example). 

Regarding the top 10 institutions, I did not expect Brown to be up there. I will check it out and learn more. [P.S. This is why Brown is up there.]
This list includes only economists that are registered in RePEC, note for example that Jeffrey Sachs is not in the list.

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