Mar 21, 2012

Coffee paper of the day

This is the abstract of the paper "Consumer Willingness to Pay for Fair Trade Coffee: A Chinese Case Study" by Yang et al (February 2012):
Coffee consumption in China has seen a significant rise in recent years. This study seeks to explore the determinants of coffee consumption in China with a specific focus on fair trade coffee. In a survey of 564 respondents in Wuhan City, consumers’ willingness to pay (WTP) for fair trade labeled coffee was measured. This study uses an interval regression to in- vestigate individual demographic and consumption characteristic impacts on WTP. Results show that on average, consumers were willing to pay 22% more for a medium cup of fair trade coffee compared with traditional coffee. In addition, other variables that indicated a higher WTP included female consumers, consumers who made their own coffee, and consumers who planned to consume more coffee in the following year.

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