Jun 14, 2012

The productivity of Milton Friedman

My colleague Julio Cole has compiled the most comprehensive Milton Friedman bibliography to date. 
Julio presented the analysis to the economics department at UFM. He called it "The Joys of Bibliography."
The objectives of Julio's analysis:
1) Supplement previous efforts with Friedman’s publications up to 2006. 
Milton Friedman died on November 16, 2006, and he was a productive scholar to the very end of his life. e.g., “Why Money Matters,” Wall Street Journal (Nov 17, 2006).
2) Correct errors and omissions in previous bibliographies: 
— Items missed
— Errors/omissions in titles, pagination, or volume information
— Other errors
Criteria—What to include? The present bibliography includes the following types of publications:
  • Books authored, co-authored or edited by Milton Friedman 
  • Introductions and forewords to books by other authors 
  • Articles in scholarly and professional journals 
  • Comments, notes, discussions and replies 
  • Chapters in edited volumes 
  • Articles in encyclopedias 
  • Articles in general-interest magazines (e.g., Harper’s, Atlantic Monthly
  • Book reviews 
  • Published correspondence and interviews
Not included:
  • Articles published in newspapers or in news magazines (e.g., Newsweek
  • Speeches 
  • Testimonies to congressional committees 
  • Reprints (with some exceptions)
Friedman’s Scholarly Output, 1935-2006: 
Books 35
Articles and “other” 318

Total items: 353 (reprinted items are counted as one item)
Lifetime “batting average”: 4.9 original publications per year, over 72 years
(i.e., about one publication every 10.6 weeks – not counting newspapers!)
Journals with three or more Friedman publications: 
Journal of Political Economy 32
American Economic Review 22
Review of Economics and Statistics 8
Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 7
Journal of the American Statistical Association 5
Quarterly Journal of Economics 3
Economic Journal 3
New Individualist Review 3
Journal of Law and Economics 3
The Public Interest 3
The Freeman 3
Contemporary Policy Issues 3
Cato Journal 3
Journal of Economic Perspectives 3
Friedman published in 67 different journals.  
Some other journals that published Friedman's articles:
Journal of Monetary Economics 
Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society
Journal of Farm Economics
(currently American Journal of Agricultural Economics)
Harper's Magazine
Atlantic Monthly
New York Times Magazine
Farm Policy Forum
Social Service Outlook
Scandinavian Journal of Economics
Australian Economic Papers
Bank of Japan Monetary and Economic Studies
Indian Economic Journal
Bank Markazi Iran Bulletin
Montana Business Quarterly
Liberian Economic and Management Review
See the complete bibliography here. Julio has also written several articles on Milton Friedman, see here and here

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