Jun 27, 2012

My last day in Jeremie, Haiti - Great experience!

This has been one of the most fantastic academic experiences in my life. I facilitated an internship on entrepreneurship to college students. Some ideas:

1) The students have been fantastic, with great attitude. They are very talented. The provision of college education in Haiti seems to be a "low hanging fruit," using Tyler Cowen's idea, for the development and economic growth of the country. If one of the main problems of Haiti is lack of leadership at different levels, a proper university education can be an adequate solution. If you want to have a great intellectual adventure and want to engage in effective aid come and teach in Haiti. And consider UNOGA

2) Lack of electricity seems to be the root of many problems in Jeremie, such as poor health services, it is also a great obstacle for all kinds of businesses and startups. Opening the market to private provision can be a solution. Markets have been opened in other cities such as Jacmel with good results. 

3) Haiti could possibly leapfrog to the advantages of online education, skipping some steps in the traditional historical trajectories of higher education of developed countries.

With the students, after interviewing one of the most experienced entrepreneurs in town. Thanks UNOGA, thanks Jeremie, and thanks Haiti!!! 

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