Dec 10, 2012

Research Topics on Entrepreneurship and Development in Haiti

Research should be done to understand the constrains to entrepreneurship in Jérémie, Haiti:
  • For example, it is worth having a discussion on the possibility of opening the electricity market for private provision. The cases of other cities in Haiti can provide some guidance. It is puzzling that in Jérémie there is 4G Internet but no electricity.
  • Research should be done to diagnose and to better understand the justice systems in Jérémie to find a way to improve the courts and strengthen the rule of law.
  • Lack of credit is one of the main constrains. Banks are reluctant to lend to startups. The reason for this could be that property rights on land are not clearly defined. Understanding this problem and providing solutions is key.
  • There is micro-credit activity in Jérémie, but more research is necessary to assess its effectiveness. 
  • Providing training on financial literacy is one way to support the local entrepreneurial community, as well as offering seminars on the role of the entrepreneur in society regarding innovation and creativity, and their duty to support basic public goods.
  • Building trust is key to promote entrepreneurial activity. One of the best ways to do this is to promote the creation of clubs and voluntary associations.
Add water, see my previous post. You can approach these topics from the point of view of behavioral economics, institutional economics, economic anthropology, economic sociology, etc. 

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