Dec 13, 2012

The Best 10 Economics Papers of 2012

According to the number of visits to this blog - some of them came out as working papers in 2012, or they were published in 2012. 
  1. Economic Conditions and the Quality of Suicide Terrorism (The Journal of Politics 2012) (working paper 2009). By Benmelech, Berrebi, & Klor.
  2. Do Economists Lie More? (Working paper 2012). By López-Pérez & Spiegelman.
  3. Positive and Negative Mental Health Consequences of Early Childhood Television Watching (working paper 2012). By Waldman, Nicholson, & Adilov.
  4. Institutions, Economics and the Development Quest. (working paper 2012). By Leite, Silva, & Afonso.  
  5. The Economic Costs of Organized Crime: Evidence from Southern Italy (working paper 2012). By Pinotti. 
  6. Why Aren't Developed Countries Saving? (European Economic Review, 2012) (working paper 2008). By Dobrescu, Kotlikoff, & Motta.
  7. Culture and the Historical Process (working paper 2012). By Nunn. 
  8. Integrating Ethnography into Impact Evaluation (Journal of International Development 2012). Not available online. By Bell & Aggleton.
  9. Child Ability and Household Human Capital Investment Decisions in Burkina Faso (Economic Development and Cultural Change 2012) (working paper 2010). By Akresh et al. 
  10. Institutional Quality Database (working paper 2012). By Kuncic. 
Note that the selection is bias toward economic development and institutional economics.

Of course there is amazing research in economics out there that I am missing. Please make suggestions in the comments. I would love to read other bloggers' lists. 

There is a sociology paper that was very popular in this blog: Searching for a Mate The Rise of the Internet as a Social Intermediary (American Sociological Review, 2012). By Rosenfeld & Thomas.

Addendum: last year's list is here

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