Feb 23, 2013

The Rule of Law: A Comparison of Jamaica and Barbados

This paper examines the social determinants of the rule of law by comparing Jamaica and Barbados, two countries with many similarities, but with divergent outcomes concerning the rule of law. The research takes a comparative historical approach, specifically investigating the origins of the divergence of the rule of law between Jamaica and Barbados by focusing on the late colonial period (1937–1966). Using new data collected from archival research, state legitimacy is identified as the key factor that helps explain the divergent trajectories of the rule of law in Jamaica and Barbados post-independence. Going beyond state-based explanations of the rule of law, the analysis suggests that the rule of law not only depends on characteristics of the state, but also on characteristics of society.
I did not find the full paper, but it looks interesting. The author is Andrew Dawson. The title is The Social Determinants of the Rule of Law: A Comparison of Jamaica and Barbados (World Development, February 2013). 

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