Jun 29, 2013

William Baumol's new paper

The abstract:
In this paper we confirm the universality of steadily rising education expenditures among OECD nations, as predicted by “Baumol and Bowen’s cost disease,” and show that this trajectory of costs can be expected to continue for the foreseeable future. However, we find that while the level of education costs in America is significantly higher than that of all other OECD countries, education spending per student in the United States is increasing about as quickly as it is in many other countries — perhaps even less quickly. Although these cost increases undoubtedly will contribute to each nation’s fiscal problems, we conclude that effective education contributes to improvement of the economic performance of each country and can mitigate resulting financial pressures by spurring growth in overall purchasing power.
The title is "A Comparative Analysis of Education Costs and Outcomes: The United States vs. Other OECD Countries." The co-authors are Edward Wolff and Anne Noyes Saini.

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