Mar 18, 2011

Qualitative research methods course

Session 1

Definition of concepts in academic research and writing.

Goertz, Gary. Social science concepts: A user's guide. Princeton University Press: 2005.

Chapter 3

Session 2

From concepts to measurement.

Adcock,  Ropert, and David Collier. 2001. "Measurement Validity: A Shared Standard for Qualitative and Quantitative Research." The American Political Science Review, 95 (3): 529-546.

Session 3

Concept and measurement: The case of Democracy.

Levitsky, Steven, and David Collier. 1997. "Democracy with Adjectives: Conceptual Innovation in Comparative Research." World Politics. 49(3):430-451

Session 4

Comparative analysis in case selection (A).

Paul Pierson, Paul. 2003. “Big, Slow-Moving, and … Invisible: Macrosocial Processes in the Study of Comparative Politics,” in Mahoney and Rueschemeyer (eds.): 177-207.

Session 5

Comparative analysis in case selection (B).

George, Alexander, and Andrew Bennett. Case Studies and Theory Development in the Social Sciences. MIT Press: 2005.

Chapter 10. Process-Tracing and Historical Explanation
Chapter 11. Integrating Comparative and Within-Case Analysis: Typological Theory

Session 6

Limits and some perils of qualitative (small "N") research.

Geddes, Barbara. 1990. "How the cases you chose affect the answers you get: Selection bias in comparative politics." Political Analysis (2): 131-50.

Session 7

Proposal writing. 

The art of writing proposals.

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