Nov 28, 2013

"Mommy, the President is drinking my chocolate milk!"

“Men in Black III” came out May 25th of 2012, almost seven months before Barack Obama was elected president for his second time November 6th

Surfing and zapping through TV channels, I´ve frequently stumbled upon Hollywood blockbuster "Men in Black III", and actually watched it for a couple of times for mere entertainment. Yesterday, I ventured into watching it for a third (or fourth) time and it surprised me with dialogues crammed with great deal of social criticism and political and economical satire. Certainly, the movie could have been a great success without those elements of criticism and spoof but, for whatever reason, (I’m thinking the sense of “making extra box-office money over viewers’ laughter” prevailed) the director and the producers chose to include such likable ingredients.

Despite their motivations, it is interesting that such explicit allusions to the past and present circumstances of politics and economics (if you watch the movie again you’ll know what I’m talking about) make it to the big screen and I believe they respond to a widespread fear that has virally infected the conscience of the American citizens and the not-so-citizens (they call them “immigrants”; some of us think of them of an important part of the labor supply of the United States of America).  People are confused and they feel that they live governed by uncertainty and inconsistency, two phenomena that work subconsciously against the interests of the rule of law and a dynamic, productive market.

"Mommy, the President is drinking my chocolate milk!”, said a young little girl in the arms of her mother, confusing “Agent ‘K’” (Will Smith) with president Obama. “And he didn’t say thank you”…  What I hear is: “Mommy, the President is taking things away from us and he is being rude!” I believe that most of us think of government just like this little girl; this administration has made decisions without transparency, righteousness or any sort of reliable and consistent criteria. And this feeling reveals itself in polls like the ones published by Gallup and the Washington Post.

President Obama’s administration has had its ups and downs like any other presidency but, in this case, hazardous characteristics have perpetrated as distinctive traits of his government: the lack of consistency in management horizontally through his collaborates, uncertainty and the erosion of trust and confidence from the American citizens and citizens and leaders from the rest of the world. I’m afraid that his administration will transcend and critically affect the next government, interrupting economic development and political efficency. Obamacare, NSA, CIA, Syria, Iran, War, Snowden, Migratory policies, Benghazi, shutdown… Stop lying! Stop saying you are sorry! Stop stealing our chocolate milk! 


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