May 21, 2011

Democratizing Development Economics, what is that?

We need to recognize that development knowledge is no longer the sole province of the researcher, the scholar, or the ivory tower. It’s about the health-care worker in Chiapas recording her results; it’s about the local official posting the school budget on the classroom door so that parents can complain when their children are shortchanged; it’s about the Minister, the academician, the statistician, and the entrepreneur comparing notes on the impact of incentives. Here
Sound like a movement in the right direction. Technology makes this possible. This goes hand in hand with other recent concepts such as "citizen science" and "crowdsourcing." One of the challenges of development policies is to include informal and local institutions. The idea behind "democratizing economic development" might be able to do more of that. I was surprised by the tone of "humility" in the statement.

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