Jun 24, 2011

China's greenest cities

1  Huaian
2  Suqian
3  Haikou
4  Nantong
5  Nanchang
6  Taizhou
7  Zhenjiang
8  Shaoxing
9  Xining
10 Xuzhou
Beijing is 72,  Shanghai is 30,  Qingdao is 43, and Kunming is 47. Total 74. Source.
The paper concludes:
[W]e find that some of the patterns of carbon emissions within China replicate findings that hold in the United States and elsewhere. If economic growth takes place in compact, public transit friendly, cool summer, warm winter cities, then the aggregate carbon emissions will increase less than if economic growth takes place in “car dependent” cities featuring hot summers and cold winters and where electricity is produced using coal fired power plants. 
Recognizing that diverse cities differ with respect to these characteristics, we have used individual and institutional data to measure household carbon emissions across a sample of 74 Chinese cities. We have found that the “greenest” cities based on this criterion are Huaian and Taizhou while the “dirtiest” cities are Daqing and Mudanjiang. However, even in China’s brownest city, Daqing, a standardized household emits only one-fifth of the carbon produced by a standardized household in America’s greenest city (San Diego).

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