Jun 4, 2011

Great female social entrepreneur from Ghana

From World Savvy:
[t]he Leading Ladies’ Network (LLN) was born as a resource and relationship hub for young women to support one another as they take seats at the table – in government, civil society, grassroots movements, corporations. LLN promotes women's leadership for Africa through its flagship program, the Female Leadership Advancement, Mentoring and Empowerment Series, or FLAMES. This unique leadership curriculum for college women is designed to awaken the social consciousness of trainees and give them the tools and support they need to become effective agents of social change. Through a core commitment to what is known as “servant leadership,” all LLN leadership trainees must dedicate back the skills and connections they glean from the program to their communities in the form of durable, creative solutions to local problems.  By supporting emerging women leaders in crafting social change projects, LLN seeks to impact a host of issues surrounding women’s equality, including disparities in education, health care, and economic opportunity.
Yawa Hansen-Quao - the founder of LLN, is alumnus of Ashesi University  -- this is why Ghana will take over, will take some more time, but it will happen!

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