Nov 23, 2011

A Weird book review of the night

As with many of Godin's books, he takes one of his core messages that you find in his various writings (such as blogs and articles) and expands on it. In Weird, he shows how the Internet has allowed everyone to publish content of interest to them. This in turn allows others with the same interest to find each other and create their own mini-tribes surrounding that shared interest. Add to that his definition of rich (you have time, enough money to meet your needs, and confidence), and you have many more people who have choice, the ability to go beyond survival and follow their own interests. These interests are increasingly diverging from the masses, making people who were once considered "weird" become part of a new normalcy with others of the same bent. The ability to reach and satisfy these "weird" groups is where success lies.
That is from a book review of Seth Godin's new book. HT: 

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