Nov 23, 2011

On the characteristics of Enterprising Communities in Emerging Economies - a framework of analysis

This article describes what Enterprising Communities (E-Cs) are. It focuses on E-Cs in emerging economies. E-Cs have these characteristics: (1) they share fundamental values, an ethos; (2) they produce a high-demanded good or service; (3) they posses a relatively high degree of technological sophistication; (4) their members create and follow a sound institutional framework that facilitates peaceful and efficient interactions; (5) they have a relatively long learning curve; and (6) their members compete and cooperate intensely among themselves. In order to foster E-Cs from the point of view of public policy it is necessary to start with the ethos of communities. Each of the steps in the process of promoting E-Cs should represent a logical continuation from the community’s ethos. This article offers a conceptual framework to analyze E-Cs in emerging economies.

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