Jan 13, 2012

On social entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneur of the day:
So the idea behind the Water Canary was an inexpensive gadget that could instantly tell you whether your water was safe or not with a red light or green light, so you don’t have to be literate to use it. Over time, it occurred to us that what we really had was something that could transform disaster response with real-time information. This was right around the time when the Haiti earthquake happened. In emergencies, the assumption that every aid organization has to make is that all water is unsafe. And that leads to the entire response being completely inefficient. They never really know where help is needed. So it means you end up sending too many supplies to places that don’t need them, and that there’s never enough in areas that do.
That is from this interview with TED fellow Sonaar Luthra.

This is the syllabus of my Social Entrepreneurship class (udergraduate). 

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