Apr 15, 2012

A micro story

Re-nown author A. McCall Smith posted this story in 6 tweets last night (from bottom to top):
6. We need to believe in something. So Miss Ellie believed right up to the end. Was she happier for her belief? Difficult to say. The End. 
5. But the lawyer never saw them. No, he said, I can’t say I’ve seen anything like that. She was disappointed, but carried on believing. 
4. This was not enough for Miss Ellie. She wanted her lawyer to see them. He was very rational, and if he saw fairies, then they were there. 
3. We saw them! They exclaimed. We definitely saw them. Her secretary saw them; so did her cook, and her cook’s sister. 
2. She supported local causes. The people who ran these causes thought it politic to agree with her. They reported sightings of fairies.   
1. Miss Ellie, a wealthy woman, lived in New England. She believed in fairies with all her heart, with all her heart.

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