Jul 25, 2012

Water management in Guatemala

The existing legal framework for water resources management in Guatemala is obsolete, inconsistent and not enforced. To bridge the gap, many indigenous and non-indigenous communities throughout the country successfully regulate water use through oral or written bylaws. This paper classifies the rules and practices adopted by local communities in order to define their scope and anticipate options to recognize customary water rights in future statutory legislation, as well as under the current legal regime, consistently with the public interest.
That is from the paper "Legal pluralism and customary water resources management in Guatemala" by Ariella D'Andrea published in the journal Water International. Alas I did not find the paper available online. 


  1. Sorry to see this message just now. If you're still interested please contact me on Linked In. Regards, Ariella D'Andrea

  2. Related to this paper is a documentary on water use and regulation in Central America – 'De quién es el agua': http://youtu.be/fnqoQAVfhwc (part 1) and http://youtu.be/YncVThJYQhA (part 2), produced under FAO/UN project in 2011.

  3. Here you can find the blog of a photo exhibition made in Guatemala in December 2011: http://regulacionagua.blogspot.it/.