Oct 22, 2012


Tom Murphy writes a deep reflection on how humanitarian organizations communicate and the need to do it better (he writes on a recent video recorded in Haiti, which has very little context of the socio-economic condition of the speaker). Here.

The difference in performance in math between boys and girls tend to increase with age in middle and low income countries. Girls lag behind, and they are more likely to state that they dislike math. Here.

David Warsh writes a deep, entertaining, and detailed essay on this year Nobel Laureates in economics. He pays more attention to Lloyd ShapleyHere. HT: Tim Harford. 

A NYT article on the recent shooting in Guatemala, and the excessive militarization in the country. Militarization is a consequence of the war on drugs, a vicious cycle that does not solve the fundamental problem. For me militarization and the war on drugs bring memories of the past. Here

On average, people who are "popular" in school tend to have higher wages later in life (10% higher after 40 years). Here.

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