Nov 13, 2012

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor

Entrepreneurial activity is a driver of economic growth. Some make a distinction between entrepreneurship "by conviction" and "by necessity." Usually entrepreneurs by necessity do it because they lack opportunities of formal employment, for them becoming an entrepreneur is a last resource.   

The following graphs are from the "Global Entrepreneurship Monitor" -GEM- (the global report), which is an organization that tracks entrepreneurship activity in several countries. They divide countries in three stages of economic development: (1) Factor-Driven Economies, (2) Efficiency-Driven Economies, and (3) Innovation-Driven Economies. 

In terms of innovation Guatemala, Peru and Chile, and Denmark stand out at each stage of economic development. In terms of having international costumers Pakistan, Latvia and Rumania, and United Arab Emirates stand out. Note that there is no visible correlation between innovation and having international costumers. 
See the whole report (2011) here. The reports for Guatemala for different years (in Spanish) are here

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