Jan 25, 2013

China puzzles

 Keith Bradsher writes in the NYT:
 . . . [A]mong people in their early 20s, those with a college degree were four times as likely to be unemployed as those with only an elementary school education. 
How this could be good?
- Some Chinese companies might consider moving from east to west, or to other countries, creating jobs in other less developed areas. 
- Some Chinese with college degrees might look for jobs outside of China, such as other developing regions (a sort of China education-subsidy).

And more from the article:
“My girlfriend says, ‘What you’re earning now is definitely not enough for marriage, you need at least 10,000 renminbi a month [around US $ 1600], 26,000 would be good,’ so I’m under extreme stress right now,” Mr. Wang said. “All the women are like that now — they want the car, they want the apartment, they want the appliances — of course, I always say yes to my girlfriend.”

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