Apr 29, 2013

Buchanan on Frank Knight

Frank Knight was the intellectual influence during my years at the University of Chicago, and his influence increased over subsequent years, enhanced by the development of a close personal relationship. Knight became my role model, without which I wonder what turns I might have taken. The qualities of mind that Knight exhibited were, and remain, those that I seek to emulate: the willingness to question anything, and anybody, on any subject anytime; the categorical refusal to accept anything as sacred; the genuine openness to all ideas; and, finally, the basic conviction that most ideas peddled about are nonsense or worse when examined critically.


  1. FYI this blog format is unreadable on my mobile phone. (It's running Android 2.3.6 using the default browser.) And, unlike most blogs I read, nothing at all appears if I have images and javascript disabled, which I prefer to do to avoid downloading large amounts of data.

  2. Thanks! I will consider changing the format. But I appreciate your comment.