Dec 17, 2013

Dealing with prostitution across Europe

The Guardian posted an interesting article regarding how politicians are dealing with ever-lasting prostitution and the externalities of this social phenomenon. The answer to why prostitution has been around since forever is fairly logic and easy: there´s  an actual market for it; buyers and sellers, services and products...and prices. But the 21st century calls for a new approach to get a hold on social behaviors the likes of prostitution, and it seems that the efforts made by politicians to "solve" them need help from an economic way of thinking.
The Guardian article reads: 
Politicians across Europe are considering reforming prostitution laws as part of the fight against human trafficking and sexual exploitation. France has criminalised the purchase of sex, a model they have taken from Sweden, which has pioneered a hard-line approach to prostitution since 1999. But where do European countries stand now? -The Guardian. 
The interactive map shows how politicians attempt to regulate prostitution in European countries. However, what can we say from an economic point of view? How can economics shed a light on the regulations concerned with prostitution and its externalities? 

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