Feb 3, 2014

Using ‘Classic’ Articles in the Teaching of Undergraduate Economics

This paper describes how classic articles have been used to teach undergraduate economics in a first year introductory Macroeconomics class and a third year topics in Microeconomics class. The paper reviews the ‘standard’ approach to undergraduate economics education focusing on the use (or lack thereof) of ‘primary’ or ‘source’ materials; the philosophy of ‘classics’ based pedagogy (mainly focused on ‘liberal arts’ education) and its applicability to the teaching of economics; describes how source materials have been used by the author in university economics classes; and provides conclusions and recommendations for potentially greater use of assignment of source texts in economics at the baccalaureate level.
That is a very interesting approach. I took a graduate class on micro-economics at GMU that complemented the technical side with classic articles. It was fun. 
The article is by Cameron Gordon.

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