Mar 23, 2011

A more personal post

Today it was a very peculiar day in the northland. We started the day with high wins of around 45 miles per hour, if we add to this the snow, one can understand why my wife and I decided de stay indoors and watch two movies (I am on spring-break week): 127 hours and Julie & Julia. We even had lunch in bed. 127 hours was very intense, and Julia & Julia put us in the mood of eating, drinking wine, and blogging. Responding to this, we got a bottle of Shiraz (from Washington State), not a very expensive one, but not a student-budget one either "it finished with a touch of honey."

The wine put us in the mood of watching Sideways, which we are about to do. 

Three news to report today, two semi-comical, and a more serious one. The semi-comical one is that I found out that the president of my country (Guatemala) is divorcing his wife so that she can run for president in the incoming elections. I already got an email from a former student from Ghana asking me what is this all about. When I saw the story in the newspaper I laughed and remember a short story by the Zimbabwean writer Petina Gappah (the name of the story is "The Mupandawana Dancing Champion" . . . hilarious!). She wrote this story inspired by a news she read in a Zimbabwean newspaper claiming that a man had died due to too much dancing. When I read the news about our president divorcing his wife I thought about how inspirational this would be for a writer of comic stories. Indeed, in our countries reality triumphs over fiction. I also read with a bit of anger that another presidential contender will include into the priorities of his administration to take the Guatemala soccer team to the world cup . . . another inspirational line for a writer of comic stories. 

The more serious note of the day is the report in telling that the big looser in the e-readers market is the author, which margin is shrinking (the margins of the publisher are higher).

This was the personal note and I am about to watch Sideways.

Until later. 

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