Apr 14, 2011

Interesting links: Violence in Central America, Exile, Citizen Science, Dummy variables in SPSS, and Pidgin in Ghana

Violence in Central America - the fundamental problem is the illegality of drugs. Here Another article on drug violence in CA. Here
Does exile exist? - by Roberto Bolano. Here An essay on the same topic by Bolano in Spanish. Here
More on Citizen Science. Here
Creating dummy variables in SPSS - Youtube video. Here
Assumptions and limitations of multiple regression. Here
A comment on Pidgin language in Ghana. Here
Common problems in classrooms in USA universities. Here
Possible candidates for the Clark Medal Award. Here
Reflection: The article on Pidgin in Ghana made me think about my writing in English even though I am a native Spanish speaker. In Guatemala I would be considered a "ladino," who is a person that comes from a mixed of Indigenous and Spanish background. It is easier for me to write in English, I feel that English has more structure to it. Besides, most of my writing is academic and most of the journals in my field are in English. I also think that writing in English give me more objectivity.

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