Jun 10, 2011

Book review of: "The Sorcerer's Apprentice"

From the WSJ:
The efficaciousness of the D&R approach is evident throughout "The Sorcerers and Their Apprentices." As Mr. Moss notes with evident pride, Media Lab's innovations have produced the Amazon Kindle electronic book, LEGO Mindstorms robotic toys, RockHero music videogames and child-safe automobile airbags. The list's eclectic nature reflects a theme in the book. The lab's Smart Cities group, for example, in which the ultra-compact CityCar electric automobile has been developed, consists of a team whose members have backgrounds in "architecture, urban planning, mechanical engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, systems engineering, medicine, neuroscience, visual arts, business management, science, and sociology." According to Mr. Moss, in one of his "further reflections" that concludes each chapter, "one of the most important disciplines in the twenty-first century will be no discipline at all." That thought certainly invites even further reflection.

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