Jun 8, 2011

Science in Society

These ideas are perfectly aligned to the mission and purpose of this blog, source: The Browser:
I like books and stories that link science with the rest of the world. Far too many people think of scientific research as existing on a separate abstract plane, when in fact it’s an entirely human enterprise – people seeking to understand the world around us – with all the quirks, foibles, personalities and flashes of generosity, decency and occasional brilliance that occur in any such enterprise. 
So I tend to go for books that revolve around people – either scientists or people affected by science. This also fits into another interest of mine – the intersection of science and society, the way those two forces pull and tug at each other. I also like the subversive nature of such storytelling, the prospect of telling a really good story that will, along the way, illuminate an aspect of science. I like books that reach out to a broad audience, not just the already science-literate among us.
From the fascinating life of Edwin Hubble, to the question of altruistic behavior in animals, to the importance of clarity in science writing, this article is throughout interesting. 

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