Oct 24, 2011

The constitution of a gang

1. A member may not be a homosexual. 
2. A member may not be an informant. 
3. A member may not be a coward. 
4. A member must not raise a hand against another member without sanction. 
5. A member must not show disrespect for any member’s family, including sex with another member’s wife or girlfriend. 
6. A member must not steal from another member. 
7. A member must not interfere with another member’s business activities. 
8. A member must not politic against another member or cause dissension within the organization. 
9. Membership is for life. 
10. Membership mandates assaulting/killing all drop outs. 
11. The Mexican Mafia comes first—even before your own family.
That is from the paper Governance and Prison Gangs (HT Marginal Revolution). 

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