Nov 11, 2011

Impact evaluation in practice - core elements

This is a list of core elements according to the book Impact Evaluation in Practice (The World Bank, 2011), which seems like a pretty good guide for people conducting impact evaluation in the field.  
A concrete policy question—grounded in a theory of change—that can be answered with an impact evaluation
A valid identification strategy, consistent with the operational rules of the program, that shows the causal relation between the program and outcomes of interest
Awell-powered sample that allows policy-relevant impacts to be detected and a representative sample that allows results to be generalized to a larger population of interest
A high-quality source of data that provides the appropriate variables required by the analysis, of both treatment and comparison groups, using both baseline and follow-up data
A well-formed evaluation team that works closely with policy makers and program staff
An impact report and associated policy briefs, disseminated to key audiences in a timely manner and feeding both program design and policy dialogues

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