Nov 14, 2011

What Haiti needs and does not need . . .

“There is a kind of expertise about disaster relief that if we just let the experts take care of it, everything will be OK,” Farmer said. “That is a thesis that is undermined by this book. It is not true. The experts didn’t come and save us. The explosion of cholera happened under the noses of the largest humanitarian relief effort.”
“Haiti does not need this [Attention Deficit Disorder] style approach to rebuilding or even responding to a disaster. There is a way for anybody to be involved in a very constructive manner, but it’s going to require long-term engagement. If you can’t be in for 10 years, it’s almost really not worth it.”
From an article that talks about Paul Farmer's new book Haiti After the Quake (Public Affairs, $27.99), also in Kindle ($11.50). HT @PIH

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