Jan 6, 2012

The most valuable skill anyone can learn in college . . .

. . . is how to learn efficiently -- how to figure out what you don’t know and build on what you do know to adapt to new situations and new problems . . . 
That is from an excellent piece by Virginia Postrel. She defends the liberal arts education and criticizes those who think that some majors must disappear because they are not marketable enough. 
College education should teach students how to learn on their own. Of course, most of the students disagree with this-and some professors do too. "To learn how to learn" one has to think, which is less and less common in a world in which one can only search Google and Wikipedia for answers. Probably some part of college education, instead of teaching "how to learn," should teach "how to search" . . . and then "how to connect" the dots. 

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