Jan 8, 2012

P. Feyerabend "final" thoughts

My concern is that after my departure something remains of me, not papers, not final philosophical declarations, but love. I hope that that will remain and will not be too much affected by the manner of my final departure, which I would like to be peaceful, like a coma, without a death struggle, leaving bad memories behind. Whatever happens now, our small family can live forever -- Grazina, me, and our love. That is what I would like to happen, not intellectual survival but the survival of love. 
That is the final paragraph in Killing Time, the autobiography of Paul Feyerabend. Awesome book. I am puzzled by his critique of reason and look forward to reading more by him.
This is an interesting advice:
But what is more important--to be understood by outsiders or to be regarded as a "deep thinker"? Writing in a simple style that a general reader can understand is not the same as being superficial. I urge all writers who want to inform their fellow citizens to stay away from philosophy, or at least to stop being intimidated and influenced by obfuscators such as Derrida and, instead, to read Shopenhauer or Kant's popular essays (p. 180).
This is a very good review of Feyerabend's book The Tyranny of Science (Cambridge: Polity Press: 2011). 

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