Feb 19, 2012

Africa - Brazil relations

. . . [t]he results of a study to be published this year on the viability of ethanol production in some African countries will create opportunities for joint investments by Brazilian and African companies. 
Mining and infrastructure investments have already grown substantially. A successful case of cooperation is the agreement recently signed between Brazil’s Vale Mining Company and the government of Malawi for the construction of a railway line through the Nacala Corridor, stretching from Mozambique to Zambia and crossing Malawi. 
The building of this railroad – to transport minerals and commodities – will create jobs for the local population and improve their standard of living given that social development projects will be implemented throughout the corridor. Vale is expected to invest a total of US$ 4.4 billion in this project. 
Relations between Africa and Brazil are not limited to economic investments, however. They also involve an exchange of knowledge and practical experiences in areas crucial for development and growth.
That is by Sasana Carrillo. HT: IDS 

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