Mar 25, 2012


From a NYT article by Randal C. Archibod:
Suddenly, killings have plummeted in El Salvador, one of the most violent countries in Central America and a source of growing worry over gangs and organized crime. 
But the possibility that the reduction in violence resulted from a secret deal between the government and gang leaders to halt killings in exchange for better prison conditions has rattled El Salvador’s political establishment and led to various explanations from government leaders. Keep reading . . .  
This is the hot topic on crime in the region these days. 
Crime and violence will keep decreasing in some countries, or will start decreasing in others given the current movement to legalize drugs in the region. Who looses of decriminalization? The drug cartels and the intermediaries. More killings will only accelerate the movement in favor of legalization (regulation) which is gaining momentum in Latin America. The rational strategy for drug cartels, and gangs, is to make agreements to reduce killings. The price of killings might be getting too high for them. 

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