Mar 18, 2012


I am reading the book Thinking in Pictures by Temple Grandin. From a review:
Author Grandin reveals a lot about the traits of persons with autism. She specifically titled her wonderfully written book Thinking in Pictures because those three words describe her brain’s thinking mechanism. Grandin thinks in pictures. Without them, her life would be turmoil. When her family and educators began relating to her through pictures, Grandin’s superior intellect took flight.
. . . Temple Grandin freely exposes her own thinking by comparing it to the way animals think which she believes is through pictures. But her book also discusses other types of autism and provides helpful clues for parents suggesting actions they might try to help their own child.
. . . Her warning at the extreme end of the book is stern. She says that there is no magic medical cure for autism. She wants parents to beware of extravagant cure claims because, in the end, the best cure is to combine every approach that seems to work. 

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