Mar 6, 2012

"Social remittances"

. . . [T]he transmission of ideas and experiences from returning or circulatory overseas Indians, especially highly educated elites such as technocrats, has had a significant cumulative impact . . . the author refers to this as “social remittances.” India has been absorbing new ideas and experiences, such as the idea of the vitality of free enterprise, through such elites. The epoch-making 1991 economic liberalization could not have been imagined without the technocrats and politicians who had abundant experience in industrialized countries.
That is from Norio Kondo's review of Devesh Kapur's Diaspora, Development, and Democracy: The Domestic Impact of International Migration from India (2010). The book analyzes the role played by diasporas in Indian development. 
Ben Lampert (March 2012) is critical of the development role of Nigerian diasporas living the UK.  

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