Mar 7, 2012

Social enterprise of the day

"Teach for All." 

From their website:

In 1990, Teach For America enlisted its first group of 500 talented young leaders in addressing the problem of educational inequity by committing two years to teach in the United States' highest-need schools. Now in its 20th year, Teach For America, led by founder Wendy Kopp who initially proposed the organization's creation in her undergraduate senior thesis, places more than 7,000 teachers in 35 urban and rural regions, with a growing body of research demonstrating that these teachers are more effective in advancing student achievement than traditionally trained teachers. Moreover, 17,000 Teach For America alumni are already leading school systems, running many of a new generation of high-performing schools in low-income communities, winning prestigious teaching awards, pioneering education reforms from outside the system, advising political leaders on education policy, and marshalling the resources of other sectors toward the movement to end educational inequity.
. . .  
Since its founding, Teach For All has worked to increase and accelerate the impact of the independent social enterprises in its network. Today, the Teach For All network includes organizations in twenty-three countries in Europe, Asia, the Americas and the Middle East, with programs in an additional 10-20 countries expected to join in the next two years alone.
See here a pretty good interview with Wendy Kopp, the founder, by Nicholas Kristof. See "Teach for India" here. See the Wikipedia entry here. It seems that "Teach for All" is not currently in Africa; and in Latin America it is only in Peru, which is sad but this is also an opportunity for social entrepreneurs to jump in. See here how to start a local organization. Where did the inspiration come from?  
HT: Fernando Franco. 

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