Mar 12, 2012

University-based knowledge / Banking competition

Two papers:
1) We examine the role played by the demand for university-based knowledge and university-developed technology. We identify links between businesses and the university as a key conduit facilitating the spillover of knowledge using data on the Department of Energy’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. We provide supply-side evidence on university research relationships and how the use of knowledge and technologies that flow from a university impact economic growth. We identify the role that SBIR-funded businesses play in the spillover of knowledge from the creating organization to where that knowledge is used and commercialized. Our results suggest that knowledge is systematically transmitted through university-related research. 
That is from the paper "Regional Appropriation of University-Based Knowledge and Technology for Economic Development" by Audretsch, Leyden, and Link (February 2012). 
2) Banking competition is important to aliviate financial contraints problems of SMEs.
That is from the paper "Does banking competition alleviate or worsen credit constraints faced by small and medium enterprises? Evidence from China" by Chong, Lu, and Ongena (February 2012).
HT: Marcus Dejardin

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