Oct 31, 2012

My reading

1) Miron's Drug War Crimes: The Consequences of Prohibition. Safety and security are the main problems in countries such as Guatemala, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, and The Dominican Republic (see here). Violence is prevalent in this countries and probably a large part of this is due to drug trafficking. Miron looks at the effects of drug prohibition. Broadly speaking he argues that the world would be a better place if drugs were legal. He presents a candid and detailed analysis. His discussion of the alcohol prohibition in the early twentieth century in The US is particularly good. It is a very short book that you can read in a few hours.

2) If you follow this blog you notice that typos are not few. I apologize for that. My native language is Spanish but I love English. Null excuses aside, I finished Prose's book Reading Like a Writer, in an attempt to improve my English. The book is on fiction writing, but useful for non-fiction writers as well. 

3) Jules Verne's The Mysterious Island is a very entertaining novel. I find similarities between Verne's writing style and Hemingway's (they both use very short words, or that is my impression) although Hemingway did not have a special consideration for Verne's books [to be clear, I did not find that Hemingway like or dislike Verne]. 

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