Jul 10, 2013

Teaching Methods: Macro-Journals

From the JEE:
Incorporating currents events into an economics curriculum is a goal of many dedicated instructors. The benefits of doing so are obvious. Unfortunately, the costs associated with implementation are nontrivial. In the following, the authors introduce an experiential writing assignment, called the MacroJournal, which streamlines the process of incorporating current events into a macroeconomics course. The costs for the instructor are mitigated by a repeated structure of questioning and a well-defined grading rubric. By completing the assignment, students have an opportunity to become practitioners and link current events to classroom theory.
Aguilar & Soques are the authors and a draft of the paper is here

I do that in my intro to macro class (the syllabus with instructions for the macro, country-journal, is here). The method works really well for intro-macro and should also work for many applied fields in the social sciences.  

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