Apr 23, 2014

My reading

I finished recently:
1- Between Shades of Gray
It is a novel that relates the story of a family that, among countless others, was taken from Lithuania during the Russian invasion of 1939. Although it is fiction, the author, Ruta Sepetys, researched the historical events. Thousands, if not more, Lithuanians went  through the horrors of forced-work in concentration camps in Siberia. The main character, Lina, a talented artist, is a girl who leaves a trace of drawings for his father to follow with the expectation that he rescues them. 

2- Living with Water Scarcity
Using examples and micro-economic concepts, David Zetland, argues that we now live in times of water scarcity but have the rules of the past, when water was abundant. A change is necessary: prices are the best way to deal with water scarcity and prevent shortage. 

Maria Konnikova takes the reader on a journey of rationality and emotions contrasting the ways in which Holmes and Watson think. Careful reflection characterizes Holmes while cuasi-emotional impulses characterize Watson. Using the stories of the quintessential investigator the author applies concepts from psychology and neuroscience to illustrate how we think and why we can do better-or worse.

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