May 28, 2014

Immigration control and apartheid

The wisdom of Gordon Tullock: 
Most people to whom I describe this system [of apartheid in South Africa] are shocked. The fact is that the system is identical to the one used by the United States and, indeed, all Western European countries. The only difference is our tradition that foreigners are not really human. What I have said about South Africa’s treatment of its blacks is identical to America’s treatment of Mexicans. They are kept on their “homelands” by what we call immigration control. Those who get into the United States are subject to restrictions on what they can do if they come in legally, and there are a great many of them in the country illegally who are subject to arbitrary deportation although, again, with the right of court appeal if they want it. As a result, the living standard of the Mexicans is very much lower that it would be without this rule.
That is from this post in Cafe Hayek.
Via @bryan_caplan 

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