May 29, 2014

The need of entrepreneurial-economics

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Because we cannot prestate the ever-changing and emergent phase space of economic evolution, we have no settled relations by which we can write down the equations of motion of the ever new economically relevant observables and parameters revealed ex post by the market process. Nor can we prestate the emergent opportunities of the system as boundary conditions. Thus, we could not integrate the equations of motion even if we could somehow have them.  p. 12
That is from a paper titled "Economics for a creative world" by Koppl et al. It is gated. 
Some ideas in page 13:
(5) If by ‘cause’ we mean what gives a differential effect entailed by law, then we can assign no cause in the evolution of the econosphere. In this sense, the economy is not a causal system. [Emphasis added].
(6) The past does not ‘cause’ the future so much as it enables some futures and
disables others. Thus, ‘enablement’ is a key notion in our analysis.
We can understand their argument on causality with another example they gave: think about division of labor increasing the extension of the market, and the extension of the market increasing the division of labor.  

According to the authors the "creative economy" is better understood with complexity theory, network theory, economic history, and institutional analysis. Theirs is a framework where the entrepreneurs is at the center. 

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